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Welcome to the Keyrona project page

The Keyrona project aims at developing a unified key management solution for hard disk and file encryption systems such as dm-crypt,cryptsetup-LUKS,encFs,eCryptFS and TrueCrypt?. The key management layer shall fulfill requirements of end users, SME's, and public authorities, as well as supporting different authentication systems such as passwords, smartcards, and Trusted Platform Modules (TPM). Both, documentation and source code will be published on this website under an open source license (i.e., GPL).


The first prototype of Keyrona is now released. This includes the following features:

  • Management
    • User Management
    • Group Management
    • Volume Management
    • Platform Management
    • USB Token Management (currently only USB-Stick support)
  • Cryptography
    • TPM support
    • Generation of RSA public / private key pairs
    • Import of existing OpenSSL certificates
    • Secret-Sharing-Scheme to allow (n out of m) authentication
  • Many supported encryption systems:
    • Cryptsetup-LUKS support
    • DM-Crypt support
    • EncFS support
    • Truecrypt support
    • eCryptFS support
  • Enhanced Logging


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